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"Experience bonus awards"

To help with your adventure we are giving out daily prizes for your training and therefore we give out 1 prize of the day for every 1% of experience bonus.

How does it work?

You only have to kill each species of mobs that do not fall below 15 levels of the level you are or higher than level 130.
A message will appear indicating how many mobs you are killing and the exp gained for every mob you kill your rate will rise by 0.001% .


- NOTE: You can get up to a maximum of 30% = 30 prizes.

How can I claim my prizes?

Just use the @email command, option "Daily bonus rewards".

Example Day 1:

For each N°% = N° White scroll (maximum 30% = 30 whitescroll)


- Remember:
  • If you claim the prize you will no longer be able to claim it again, you must wait the next day.
  • The exp bonus is reset at 12:00 AM midnight GM-5.
  • Claim the prize when your adventure for the day ends, since you will not be able to collect the accumulated until the next day.

- NOTE: The awards will be updated at the beginning of each month.
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