Trivia Quiz


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Show how much you know about MasterMS Kaotic and win prizes by answering the questions correctly.

In order to participate in the event, you must first complete the sentence:

The letters can be obtained by killing mobs and will be stored in your SET-UP inventory.

Where can I find the event area?

You must go to the FM, talk to the NPC Dizzy Drop Event and choose the penultimate option "End of Season Trivia Event".

Then, to start the game we have to talk to the NPC Dice Master Jun

The game consists of 10 random questions on topics corresponding to our server, in which with each question you answer correctly you will win Gachapon for slot Machine, which you can use in the mini-game The Claw.

Each question has 15 seconds to be answered.

The more questions you answer correctly, the more Gachapon for slot Machine you will win, you can stop answering and choose to get the accumulated prize, but if you fail in one of the questions you will lose all the prizes.

  • Remember to always check that you have space in your inventory before playing.